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Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide

this petition is in response to a television show here in the United States about 40 million missing girls in India. We always thought that this happens to the poor and uneducated and not amongst the educated When we watched the show we found to our horror that this happens everyday in the cities amongst the privileged. There was an interview with one lone woman Dr.Mitu Khurana. Her doctor husband wanted her to abort her twin daughters just because they were girls. we are ashamed and hence writing this petition. For the last four years this woman has been fighting her case and looking for justice for her baby girls and herself. She says the biggest obstacle to her case are government officials who think she is a trouble maker. why has this woman not had her day in court? Why has the country that produced Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi) continue to fail women and girls. WE THE UNDERSIGNED URGE INDIAN AUTHORITIES AND JUDICIARY on humanitarian grounds to expedite this case. If the husband in fact performed an illegal ultrasound to determine the sex of Dr Mitu Khurana's babies, then he should be punished. Instead of that happening, the courts have given the accused, visitation rights to the girls that he wanted to abort. Sir, how can this happen? Shouldn't the law err on the side of the children's welfare and not for a father who never wanted them born?Can Mitu Khurana ever get a chance to go in front of an UNBIASED judge to have her case heard? Can she ever expect to get swift and fair justice? Can the land of revered goddesses ever treat a woman as equal to a man and thus entitled to unbiased treatment?Can we ever be proud to call ourselves Indians instead of hanging our heads down in shame and disgust? We the undersigned petition for Justice for daughters of India.

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