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Signatures for Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide

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1 KellySchroeder-Strong   kschroederstrong@gmail.com
2 NehaKumar I pledge my support to Mitu  
3 NayantaraPais-Caputi We know will you win your case! Truth is on your side!  
4 walterastrada    
5 amandacabot i wish this stops happening  
6 patriciorealpe    
7 Juan CarlosTomasi    
8 pedroacosta    
9 InesDella Valle    
10 IlariaLazzarini    
11 AmaiaLopez de Munain    
12 HM-S    
13 InésMac Mullen    
14 AndréLiohn In respect of gender equality. entiog
15 CarolinaCerneaz    
16 alixtully x  
17 elsaduhaut    
18 PabloBlazquez She has all my support. That is an very bad and dangerous injustice.  
19 AnaCfrisosto stop it!  
20 LottaFees   siebenemeilenstiefel77@web.de
21 AndrewMaclean This is a horrible thing that happens. Please make it stop. ajmaclean@gmail.com
22 NinaEdgington   nina.edgington1949@gmail.com
23 cintiatorres   aenima9@hotmail.com
24 carolinazangarini Léase dont! carolinazangarini@hotmail.com
25 TimRice   flowkradd@gmail.com
26 utebenz   lulu010460@gmail.com
27 AnkushSingh FIGHT for your and women's justice WE are with you. ankush.singhgkp@gmail.com
28 EvanDavis   evan@shadowlinefilms.com
29 hannelysehansen   hannyhansen@hotmail.com
30 barbararaisbeck end female gendercide NOW barbara@riseup.net
31 StephanieBurgess   stephanie_burgess0322@yahoo.com
32 IsaacFarias   saacfar@yahoo.com
33 ArthurNazaryan   nazaryan45@yahoo.com
34 nicolarocco   nicolaphoto@gmail.com
35 SibylleAderhold   billie20111@hotmail.de
36 michelerice I think Kali~might become very upset~unless you honor the Goddess within each of India's Daughters~Shame on the practice of Gendercide!Perhaps you will put to Death the future Mother of a Great Saint !~or a great Saint herself !Shame on this practice ! mountainalive@yahoo.com
37 MargaretHealy Thanks to all the people who have worked hard to bring this situation to light and to fight for human rights.  
38 brookeprim   nellelwick@yahoo.com
39 NynaCaputi Dr. Mitu, You have our support and we will do whatever we can to help you get justice. Thanks Nyna nynapc@gmail.com
40 MegRobertson   robertsonsf@yahoo.com
41 JasmineDavda   jdavda@yahoo.com
42 DavidSmith Hang in there, you're doing the right thing. Stay strong for your daughters!! dtsmith888@usa.net
43 SheelaRam-Prasad What is wrong with humans?! This is not humanity. This woman and her children deserve justice. God watches everyone, these people need to do the right thing, children are innocent lives whether they are male or female! Sex of the child is irrelevant! sheelar19@yahoo.com
44 gabrielacarrera   gcn0904@gmail.com
45 SonalAlvares   alvares.sonal@gmail.com
46 vijayashreesrinivasan    
47 margittschapka i wish to support the pple of india who are trying to stop the murder of baby girls margit.tschapka@hotmail.combrared
48 JamieGarcia   jamie@akkennel.com
49 BhavanaChoudhary It's a shame. All mothers would agree that daughters are the most wonderful blessing. My heart feels for Mitu, justice should be yours. Bhalunumber1@hotmail.com
50 rajendersoni advocate   betibachao@gmail.com
51 SoniaRebello   pettukola@gmail.com
52 beaulaknauf Shame on the Nation beaulaknauf@hotmail.com
53 Standaert-RichardVirginie   virginiepomme@free.fr
54 LyndseySuch   lyndsey.such@virginmedia.com
55 BusayoObisakin This daughers of Zion deserves to live busobisaki@yahoo.com
56 Dr. Rohit VilasPatole   drrvpatole@gmail.com
57 BaniChaudhuri    
58 SvetlanaDimitrovska    
59 ImeldaKarnati   ikarnati@gmail.com
60 amarjitpannu shame on the officials and daughter killers  
61 gabrielacarrizales END THIS NOW.! anoraksociofobiadelic00@hotmail.com
62 SeemaVaid I support Dr Mitu Khurana to get justice from the Indian judicial system. The gendercide in India has got to stop. seemavaid@hotmail.com
63 GitaAravamudan Mitu should be supported as she is a brave woman who has actually gone to court to fight this terrible crime which has completely skewed the sex ratio in India. If this issue is not addressed it could have dire consequences long term. Gita Aravamudan
64 BrendaBush    
65 AniruddhaBarapatre   aniruddha_barapatre@yahoo.com
66 GabrielaNavarro esto debe dejar de pasar! longaby@hotmail.com
67 EileenTwinkle   twinkle232@aol.com
68 DianeCampbell   dcampe7@aol.com
69 DeepakArora Wish you luck er_deepak102@yahoo.co.in
70 HazelChandler   hazel.chandler@btinternet.com
71 RoliChauhan   thenewyorkprincess@yahoo.com
72 MonicaVos   monicatoretto@gmail.com
73 PaulTillson this is awful. I had no idea. tillson_paul@yahoo.com
74 melinadi fabrizio    
75 DanielleHalter    
76 yedravargas    
77 VernerDsouza What the fuck is the indian government doing? Why are there still so many illegal, freely roaming ultra sound techinicians? verner_dz@hotmail.com
79 MaryBartley Petition signed mary.m.bartley@gmail.com
80 S.R.Mukherjee It is called a woman's choice as to what will happen to her body. If she wants to keep her baby then no mother- in -law or husband has a say!!!! Girls are precious and a father who wants to kill his own daughters should go to jail. THAT IS NOT A MAN!!!  
81 MartelitaJohannessen   martelita79@gmail.com
82 ManjitDhillon Stop female child murders in the womb dhillon46@hotmail.com
83 ashishkhattar   ashish5636@gmail.com
84 AngelaMaltezos   angela.malt@gmail.com
85 ajayshekhawat   shekhawataj1@yahoo.com
86 CarolynSchultz-Rathbun   tobijah3@aol.com
87 LucyS. R. Austen   lucysrausten@gmail.com
88 BrockTownsend   brocktownsend@gmail.com
89 naomistojoski This needs to stop! Females are our future to a world where this does not happen and is not excepted. And with out females no babys can be born!!! clubg@iinet.net.au
90 HeidiRosen    
91 balisagoo   sagoobs@hotmail.com
92 MaxineSmall    
93 JoyPylkki   thepylkkifamily@aol.com
94 SusanMcAllister Asking for justice for women  
95 AsmiSaxena   asmisaxena.mh@gmail.com
96 SmritiDhingra she is fight for the good cause smriti.dhingra26@gmail.com
97 RohiniKhanna   k93rohini@yahoo.in
98 GauravSaha al da best... gauravv.saha@gmail.com
99 rohitkapoor girl/womens have equal right to live in this world as mens/boys....guys are not special ones who should be given privileged status....i stand for women rights..an egalitarian society i support,killing female child is the biggest crime one can do.!! rohit_myworld@live.com
100 DeepshikhaPatra   deepshikha.patra@gmail.com