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Signatures for Save Daughters of India- End this Gendercide

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101 AnshulPandey   anshulkumarpandey@gmail.com
102 rupalikapoor   rupalikapoor19@gmail.com
103 mahimamalik   mahima02asma@gmail.com
104 dhruvsisodia    
105 AnnieBland I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a culture and society where men were in control of women, abused women, and with an unjust legal system. This has got to stop. It's just crazy! I'm so lucky to be an American!!!! Anniejean0878@yahoo.com
106 CarrieBrayer We need to stand up for those who have died and those who will die if this practice is not stopped! carrie@brayerinsurance.com
107 AimeeHart    
108 VatsalV   vatsal210@gmail.com
109 KarishmaKhakhlari This is to prove that only education cannot serve as a guarantee that the Indian man will be free from any prejudice. The least that the government can do is to have this lady's case heard. carissima.kery@gmail.com
110 JanieHand   mjhand55@yahoo.com
111 LiamWells All life is precious.  
112 GiselleNorthy Your story breaks my heart and your children are beautiful. I wish to live in a world where all children are loved, no matter what their gender..... babyblue_bird@hotmail.com
113 AubrieByrne   byrne.aubrie@gmail.com
114 DebbieMessick   debden917@yahoo.com
115 MandyTaylor How can any one bot love a baby just because of sex. All babies are special. Her Husband is not worthy of her and hes daughters mantyl@aol.com
116 MarishaCarriedo    
117 ChristiePowell   critter_christie@yahoo.com
118 MyrnaMakkonen    
119 CindyLambert   cindyjlambert@yahoo.com
120 JonWolff I urge the government of India to bring justice to the women of India, born and unborn, by defending their rights and not collaborating with their oppressors. jonwolff00@yahoo.com
121 CarolRice India, you know better, of all nations, with your spiritual wisdom. End gendercide NOW. silkroadvisions@gmail.com
122 AngelaZimmerling   pony.express@telus.net
123 KathrynBoothroyd   kathryn.boothroyd@gmail.com
124 DawnZomermaand Please stop this. dawn.z.69@gmail.com
125 MelissaGulker   bgulker@mtcnet.net
126 brendaharmon This behavior is beyond belief. This is disgusting that people play God. It shouldn't matter whats between a babies legs. It's a living breathing human being. harmontexas@gmail.com
127 IldikoThomas    
128 KristenLaine    
129 DeborahCarollo   debbiekayc@yahoo.com
130 NidaNizam Save the girl child. i_rule_da_wrld@hotmail.com
131 NofaNizam Save baby girls. i_born2rule@live.com
132 NofaNizam Save girl child. sparks_nsns@yahoo.com
133 TayabaSamad Save the girl. khushi_shine92@yahoo.com
134 LaurenMcGoveran   lmcgoveran@gmail.com
135 KamalpreetSingh It's society that make women week, not life!!!! kpsingh614@gmail.com
136 RajwantSingh   singhr2p@gmail.com
137 KathyPetersen    
138 AmitKhot   amitkhot@indiatimes.com
139 ClaraWirths Women and men are equal. It is a religious, an ethical, a judicial, and a rational duty to enforce the equality of men and women. The female feticide must stop, and it must stop now. Until then, femal feticide will significantly harm the Indian society. clarawirths@web.de
140 AlmuthGäbler   g_alli@ymail.com
141 christineschrader   tine.schrader@web.de
142 UlrikeHugo All human being are divine! juhugo@web.de
143 LindaSchm   lindaschmidt23@gmail.com
144 ThomasScheuermann   thomas.scheuermann@gmx.de
145 Sunil OberoiOberoi As a former bureaucrat, maybe I can help. I am ashamed to be part of such a society.  
146 NikParczyk   nikparczyk@web.de
147 GiselaTroetschler   gisela.troetschler@t-online.de
148 ClaudiaKanga   clakanga@web.de
149 JochenMartin God bless you! jochen.martin65@gmx.de
150 JesseWalker   jwalker147@hotmail.com
151 Eva KatharinaEngelhardt I am shocked to read of such violence against baby girls and their mothers. I really hope that this petition will make a difference and that there will be a change in public thinking soon. Every life is precious! e.katharina.engelhardt@t-online.de
152 PaulVerse   paulverse@gmail.com
153 TingWong   wong.th@iname.com
154 SunilKalathil   sunilkhome@gmail.com
155 MahendranRamalingam   cyclopseven@hotmail.com
156 NeeroSri   Neero@hotmail.de
157 CyndyOdenwald   soccermomat50@gmail.com
158 VarunRishi   rishi.iiser@gmail.com
159 SukhmeenNandha   sukhmeen.nandha@gmail.com
160 LucySanchez I will pray God keep you and protect you mlsanchez0305@gmail.com
161 RejithaNair   rejiap@hotmail.com
162 Ann MarieLeClair ~ we muSt stop the count ~ ~ thiS is a crime against aLL oF humanity!!! ~ annmarieleclair @ yahoo .com
163 HuongLe Justice and equality for women please!  
164 ShivaniMalhotra   shivani731@gmail.com
165 TinaMonteiro   monteiro.tina@gmail.com
166 soniakumar you are brave.stay strong. Fight we r with you. drsonia3@yahoo.com.au
167 TriptiJain    
168 amrutavani girls are valuable. they will take care of parents and are better than Sons. Girls or boys, kid is a kid. dont kill them amrutavani@yahoo.co.in
169 sirishaakella   sirishastry@gmail.com
170 GayatriSongaonkar   grsongaonkar@yahoo.co.in
171 RishijaSingh   rishijasingh24@gmail.com
172 Bhanu PriyaVyas I think, she deserves to have the custody of her daughters. And the guy should be jailed, for the utterly obnoxious way of thinking he has. bhanu.vyas91@gmail.com
173 neharajora    
174 EvaDroetto   eva@droetto.se
175 JannieRaczinski   jannie.r@web.de
176 BiankaBülow    
177 amritpalsingh god bless you !!!!! for any type of help contact me 9779391229 amrit229@gmail.com
178 MagdaleneDziegielewski It`s hard to believe that in our modern world Gendercide still exists in those dimensions. You are a very brave woman and I hope your campain will be successful and finally stop killing innocent baby girls. Germany
179 LydiaSchiller I hope, my vote will help to end this horror. Lydia from Germany lamproly@gmx.de
180 LeonieArnhold   leoniearnhold@gmail.com
181 ArvindSimhan I support the petition in hope of being able to save Indias girls. arvind.r.simhan@gmail.com
182 B.Rosen   rosen.b@gmx.de
183 MiriamRauch Please, make this madness stop once and for all!  
184 AnnaEngdahl    
185 MARIEDILLON All I can say is that I support women in India and everywhere 100% .The Indian government should be hounded for allowing this illegal practice to continue. I hope the day comes very soon, when women will never be ruled by anyone. helen987987@yahoo.com
186 MiraFels   fels.mira@gmail.com
187 RuthGünther Congratulation for your daughters and your courage! I wish you andd your daughters a better future in a world respecting women as human beings! ruthguenther@web.de
188 NehaVedpathak   nehabhupi@gmail.com
189 JosephineKishkunas My opinion of Indian men has completely changed now that I have heard about the high rate of women being raped in India and now I learn that Indian men kill female children. No longer will I shop at Indian stores. RESPECT LIFE. jkishkunas@sbcglobal.net
190 KrupeshKotecha   krupesh.kotecha@gmail.com
191 GreggRobison   grobson4@gmail.com
192 BarbaraHirt   barbara.hirt@yahoo.com
193 LyleKindrat    
194 SarahHeal   sarahheal8@gmail.com
195 GeraldineLow   gerri_low@hotmail.com
196 DouglasMatson I am angry that major countries like India and China do not understand the importance of practicing The Golden Rule. dsmatson@earthlink.net
197 AimeeTalley    
198 Jonivan Schie This NEEDS to stop! joni@ywam.nl
199 KrutikaSogal   krutikasogal@gmail.com
200 MadisonMedeiros   madisonmedeiros@aim.com